​Hurricane Florence Updates


Charlotte Douglas International Airport continues to monitor weather conditions related to Hurricane Florence. Passengers are encouraged to check with their airline for flight information and follow CLT's twitter feed (@CLTAirport) or check below for the latest news.


Latest Updates

Monday, 9/17/18 

We are back to normal schedules.  Passengers are still advised to check with their airlines on flight schedules.  Could still have some delays as everything resumes.


Sunday, 9/16/18 

12:30 pm:

The Airport remains open and operational. Airlines are resuming normal schedules.  Expect to continue to see some delays in arrivals and departures. Customers are advised to continue to check with their airline in regards to the status of their flight.  Follow CLT's Twitter feed @CLTAirport for the latest updates. 


Saturday, 9/15/18 

1:10 pm:

American Air: "At our Charlotte hub, we anticipate scattered cancellations through midday on Sept. 16. The majority of these cancellations will be on smaller, regional aircraft."


The Airport is open and operational. We continue to closely monitor weather conditions. Customers are asked to please check with their airline in regards to the status of their flights before coming to the airport. Many of our airlines have travel waivers in place.


Friday, 9/14/18 


Hurricane Florence preparation Media Briefing


Thursday, 9/13/18 


Lufthansa has cancelled its Friday and Saturday flights to Munich (LH 428 and LH 429). Please check with Lufthansa for more information.


Wednesday, 9/12/18 


We continue to closely monitor weather conditions as Hurricane Florence moves toward the Carolinas.

  • The Airport advises customers to check with their airline in regards to the status of their flights.  Many of our airlines have travel waivers in place for Hurricane Florence.
  • Follow CLT's Twitter feed @CLTAirport and CLT's website cltairport.com for the latest updates.
  • The Airport is leading on-going communications and meetings with our airline and law enforcement partners, and we are prepared to adjust operations as needed.
  • We will activate our Irregular Operations Plan Friday evening, which moves critical Aviation Department staff to 12-hour shifts through the event and activates the Airport's Incident Command Center (ICC).  
  • We are checking our emergency inventory supplies, which assist any passengers who may be stranded at the airport.
  • Our facilities and maintenance teams are doing property assessments, storm drain checks and testing emergency equipment.
  • Equipment and materials are being secured on construction worksites.    

Airline Alerts

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